Baked goods, so good they’re criminal!

Cookies Pies and Cakes


  1. The entry fee for Pie, Cake and Cookie entries is $5.00 each.
  2. All entry forms must be turned in, with payment, to the GPE school office by Friday, March 30th.
  3. All entries are to be homemade, not store bought. However, store bought mixes, frostings, etc. may be utilized, as AN ingredient, provided they are not the only ingredient.
  4. A copy of the recipe and your name needs to be attached to the bottom of the entry.
  5. Entry consists of 1 Pie, 1 Cake, or a dozen cookies.
  6. All entries must be submitted on a plate, pan, or box that does not need to be returned to the contestant.
  7. All entries will be judged on appearance, texture and flavor.
  8. All entries must be delivered to the school office by 4:00p.m. Friday, March 30thth.
  9. Winners will be announced at 11:00 a.m. Saturday April 1st.
  10. The top 3 entries from each category will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons.  All entries will be divided and sold in the cafeteria during the Rodeo.
  11. PLEASE use a tag or sticker to let us know if your entry needs to be refrigerated!!
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