Order your yearbooks now and save!

Pre-sale price is $20 through December 31, 2020. Then the price is $30. Quantities are limited! CLICK HERE to reserve your Greens Prairie Elementary 2020-21 yearbook now!

Upload your own images!

Do you have great pictures of your Greens Prairie student participating in school events, dress-up days, etc? Upload them and they could be included in our yearbook this year! See this flyer for details: Yearbook Image Sharing

Email the PTO if you have any difficulties uploading your images.

Are you trying to remember if you already ordered a yearbook?

Search your email using the keyword “Balfour.” See the image below for an example of Balfour’s confirmation email. If you’re still unsure, email the PTO and we can check our database for you: pto.greensprairie@gmail.com
yearbook confirmation email